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Launch and manage your website with our powerful suite of website hosting, security and maintenance solutions available.

Web Hosting

Maintain your site with reliable & secure hosting.

Website hosting is the foundation of every website and will directly impact user experience, website security and even the cost of your ad campaigns.


What Is Web Hosting?

Website hosting is when a provider allocates space on a server for the purpose of publishing a website, app or other to the internet. Typically website hosting can include shared or private server space, file manager or FTP, email management, website software, and a database manager.


Do I Need Web Hosting?

Anyone who wants to have a website visible on the internet will need website hosting. After a website has been designed, you’ll need a place to store the files so that they are visible on the internet. Without website hosting, your website won’t be live and searchable on the web.  



Why Is Hosting Important?

Website hosting is the foundation of every website. The quality of your hosting can impact your security, page load speeds, and even the cost of your ads. We recommend using a reputable host with excellent support and minimal downtime or outages.

Web Hosting 

Website Hosting

These tried and website hosting services are essential for businesses trying to launch an maintain a website.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We’ll keep your site protected, updated and maintained.

Website Hosting

Keep your website up and running with great hosting.


Website Security

Protect your website with the latest security tools.

Website Maintenance

Keep your website theme, plugins and files updated.

Website Updates

We’ll help you keep your website content up to date.

Web App Hosting

Host your applications and programs securely.


Website Optimization

Improve your website page load speed and optimization.

VPS Hosting

Get more control with your very own virtual private server

Web Hosting 

Our Methodology

A blazing fast server equipped with CDN and scheduled backups to keep you covered.

We help you to discover the best hosting platform for your needs and set it up depending on your specific needs & requirements. Get access to a blazing fast host complete with content distribution network, regular backups and a whole lot more.

Our website security consists of an in-depth audit to determine and protect you from known vulnerabilities. Keep your site locked down and hackers out with our multi-point security check system.

We don’t leave a detail behind with our website optimization audit system. We can get your web pages running fast using state-of-the-art CDN with image resizing and asset optimization.

From plugin and content updates to repairs and troubleshooting, you’re going to need a host with great maintenance support. That’s why we provide excellent ongoing maintenance services.


Website Hosting

  • Apache or NGINX
  • File and Image CDN
  • Scheduled Backups


Website Security

  • Brute Force Protection
  • Security Monitoring
  • File Scanning
  • Security Audit


Website Optimization

  • Convert & Resize Images
  • Optimize Asset Delivery
  • Content Optimization
  • File Minification


Web Maintenance

  • File Updates
  • Content Updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Analytics Reporting

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Blush Bridal Shop

– Newcastle, Ontario.

Can’t say enough about Grapevine. I would highly recommend! Rich was so amazing to work with! He re-developed my website to exactly what I wanted and more! He also introduced me to a new online booking system for my clients and helped me set it up, which made it so much easier to navigate! Again thanks Rich for all your amazing hard work!

Double DJ

Toronto, Ontario.

Grapevine Media has fully transformed our business. What used to look very much like a homemade project now looks sharp, professional, and is attracting new clients. We’ve seen a steep increase in business, and their ability to integrate specific functions has been a huge help. Thank you so much!

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Website Hosting Knowledge Base

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Basics of Website Hosting

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Key Terms Glossary

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How much does website hosting cost?

Website hosting typically costs between $10 to 100/month depending on your hosting requirements. A basic shared hosting plan with minimal resources can be found quite cheaply, but when you factor in security, maintenance and backups, hosting becomes more expensive.

What does website hosting include?

Website hosting typically includes file management, database management, email management, website tool and a control panel to access everything.

Will I always need a website host?

As long as your want your website to be visible on the internet, you’re going to need some kind of hosting. Otherwise, your website files will not be connected to the internet or indexable by search engines.

What types of website hosting are there?

Most commonly there are three types of hosting – shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Most websites would use either VPS or shared while web-based applications and other software often require a dedicated server.

How does website hosting work?

Website hosting is a service that revolves around leasing space from a website server, which is typically located at a data storage center. A web host manages the hardware and software of a server, which is a digital storage space similar to an external hard drive that has been networked to the internet.

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