Website Design & Development

We will help you design a website that both reflects your brand and suits the goals and aspirations of your business. 

Modern Web Designs

Grow your business with a modern website.

Leverage a professionally built website to generate new leads for your business, drive engagement to a campaign or show off your brand in a powerful way.


What Is Website Development?

Website Development refers to all aspects of the creation of one or more web pages networked together on the World Wide Web. A Website typically consists of a domain name, a hosting account, and a content management system such as WordPress.


Who Needs a Website?

Websites are an important way to help your business or brand to get discovered. Websites are great for people who own a local business, who sell products online, who want to start a blog or launch a campaign. Speak with a Grapevine Web Development expert to determine which would be best for you.


What is Web Design?

Website Design refers to all of the aspects involved in the design of one or more webpages. Typically Web Design includes things such as website mockups, wireframing, UX/UI, content & media, but does not include the development of the backend. 

Web Services

Website Design & Development Services

These tried and true web development services are the cornerstone of almost every digital marketing strategy no matter your business size.

Website Design

Get a professional website designed with your business goals in mind.

Web Development

Plan and develop advanced website features, apps or integrations.


Website SEO

Get your local business listed where it matters the most online and drive new leads to your business.

Website Hosting

Get the perfect copy written for your site to drive user engagement.

Small Business Website

Make a splash with a beautifully designed website for your small business.

Ecommerce Website

Launch your ecommerce empire with a powerful ecommerce website.


Website Security

Get the latest in online security, encryption and digital asset protection.


Content Marketing

Drive more traffic to your website with advanced content marketing strategies.

Web Dev Process

Our Development Process

Give your brand the boost it needs with a quality designed website by Grapevine Media.

First, we take the time to get to know you, your business and your website goals. Next, we want to further develop creative direction by discovering design inspirations, desired features and even competitor’s websites.

Next, we begin developing the backend of your website, including your hosting, domain, CMS, plugins, extensions and a whole lot more. Getting the proper platform developed the way you want it is critical to the long-term success of any website.

Now comes the visible aspect of your web design project. We begin to lay out all of the pages with sample content, including copy, images, video and icons. Then we work to optimize and improvise until each page has a smooth user experience.

Finally, we audit the website with a variety of tests. We optimize the page load speed, test traffic and finally deliver the website and “Go Live.” From here we shift our focus to managing and maintaining the website with our clients for as long as they need our support.


Discovery & Strategy

  • Onboarding/Discovery Call
  • Design Ideas
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Industry Research
  • Domain Registration


Backend Development

  • Hosting Setup
  • CMS Deployment
  • Platform Development
  • Plugins & Extensions


Front-End Development

  • Page Layout
  • Copy & Content
  • Icons & Images
  • UX/UI Development



  • Revise Design & copy
  • Optimization & Security
  • Website “Go Live”
  • Ongoing Maintenance


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Tebey is a Canadian country music singer and songwriter signed to Warner Music in Nashville. He is best known for some of his hit country singles such as “Denim on Denim” and “Who’s Gonna Love You.” He’s also known for writing songs for artists such as One Direction, Flo Rida, Fifth Harmony and more!

Auto Mechanic Launches New Brand

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Voice Actor Becomes a Hero

Mike Cosh is a voice actor, comedian, and animator based out of Toronto. Over the years, Mike has lent his voice talents to hundreds of projects, been a background actor in many feature films and lately has taken to fine-tuning his skills as an animator.

Wedding DJ Startup Launches

Meet Rich. Business Development Case Study for Wedding DJ Company.Richard Cosh is an electrician, entrepreneur and DJ from Toronto, Canada. While working in the trades, Rich had been building his DJ career on the side before deciding to launch his own Wedding DJ...

Catering Company Goes Digital

Meet Miguel. Website Design Case Study for a Catering Company.South Pickering Auto & Tire is an auto-mechanic shop located in south Pickering, Ontario. Like many professional automotive mechanics, SOPIC had done just fine without a website for many years. But when...

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Meet Shawn. Digital Marketing Case Study for Wedding DJ Company.When Shawn first launched his DJ Company back in 2012, he worked with a close friend to put together a logo and simple website using Adobe Flash. As the internet continued to progress, flash-based...

Customer Reviews

Hear from real people who have experienced our website development services

Blush Bridal Shop

– Newcastle, Ontario.

Can’t say enough about Grapevine. I would highly recommend! Rich was so amazing to work with! He re-developed my website to exactly what I wanted and more! He also introduced me to a new online booking system for my clients and helped me set it up, which made it so much easier to navigate! Again thanks Rich for all your amazing hard work!

Double DJ

Toronto, Ontario.

Grapevine Media has fully transformed our business. What used to look very much like a homemade project now looks sharp, professional, and is attracting new clients. We’ve seen a steep increase in business, and their ability to integrate specific functions has been a huge help. Thank you so much!

Web Design Resources

Website Development Knowledge Base

We don’t just do the work, we teach you how to do it too. We partner with you to help your business keep growing, even after our work together is complete.

Basics of Web Development

View a variety of introductory lessons on website development to better understand the services we offer.

Key Terms Glossary

Look up our definitions of key terminology used in the world of Website Development.

How much does a website cost?

There are many different website packages that include a large variety of options. Lower cost websites can be developed for under $800, such as one-pager websites, page builder websites (Wix, GoDaddy, etc). Most websites cost between $800 to $2000 such as small business websites, or professional websites. There are also many website development projects that can run $20,000 or more for large enterprises, multi-site networks or other large digital entities.

How long does it take to build a website?

Most website development projects will take 1 to 2 months. Some project types can be completed within a week or less, while others are ongoing projects without an end. This will depend entirely on the nature of your website, but a good rule of thumb is 1 to 3 days per page of development.

How do I create a website strategy?

Your website development strategy will depend on your goals, industry, and budget. A great strategy is to start with a simple yet modern one-page website and expand over time to spread the cost out over time. Schedule a call with a Grapevine Media web consultant to learn more about developing your website.

What does a website development service include?

Website development typically includes the initial design, creation and launch of a website, but does not include the ongoing hosting, security and maintenance of the site.

Do I need website hosting, security and maintenance?

A website that is fully designed and developed will require a hosting account in order for it to be published to the internet. On top of that, you will likely need security to prevent your website from being attacked and maintenance to keep your website files updated. Because the web is evolving quickly, most websites will become outdated within the first three months of being published. We highly recommend you purchase a hosting, security & maintenance plan for your website.

Digital Marketing Blog

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