Business Development

We’ve designed a suite of business development services designed to help your company reach a new level of growth.

Business Development

Achieve the growth your business deserves.

Business development is all about harnessing entrepreneurial spirit to foster creativity and innovation in a way that brings new opportunities for your business to achieve healthy growth.


What Is Biz Dev?

Business development is about finding the strategies and tactics that will allow a business to grow or achieve a specific goal such as revenue growth, market share, or even to innovate a new product. Most commonly, business development services harness the power of entrepreneurship from within a business.


Who Needs Business Development Services?

Business development services are the best way for any business to achieve rapid growth. Whether you are a startup seeking a 5 to 10 year plan, or, an enterprise business seeking to innovate something truly amazing, our team of experts can help you to relieve bottlenecks, discover new opportunities to clear the way for healthy business growth.


How Does Business Development Work?

First, we start with a company audit to review your existing strategies and tactics as well as to better understand your history, brand and direction. Next, we establish a team of researchers and entrepreneurs to investigate and brainstorm new opportunities for your business growth that many business owners or executives miss due to their proximity to the business.

Business Growth

Business Development Services

These tried and true business development services are the key to unlocking growth no matter your business size.

Business Planning

Set your trajectory with a five to ten year business plan.


Harness the entrepreneurial spirit from within your business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquire business to achieve massive growth potentials.

Joint Ventures

Develop a strategic relationship with a new business partner.

Business Strategy

Develop a strategy to help your business grow.

Market Research

Discover new opportunities in your market with new insights.


Let’s discuss your business objectives in great detail.


Business Automation

Increase efficiency by automating business processes.

Business Development

Our Methodology

Leverage unique strengths to discover new opportunities within your industry.

The first phase of any business development service is a deep dive into your business, industry and existing strategies. Once rooted in your brand and tactics then we can begin to discuss some new strategies.

Next, we set out to develop a step-by-step plan for achieving the goals specified in the discovery stage. This stage typically includes in-depth market research, multiple off-site consultations and collaboration across multiple parties. 

With an expert plan in place, we work with you to achieve your business development goals. Whether you’re looking to relieve bottlenecks, grow revenue, find a new partner or innovate a new service, we’ll work with you through every step.

Since business development services are often a long-term strategy, you can count on us to be here to support you throughout the process.



  • Onboarding/Discovery Call
  • Strategy Discussion
  • Business Audit
  • Digital Audit



  • Market Research
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Partner Consultations
  • Strategy Development



  • Team Collaboration
  • Actionable Items
  • Submit Deliverables



  • Strategy Pivots
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Goal Tracking
  • Ongoing Consultation

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Customer Reviews

Hear from real people who have experienced our digital marketing services.

Blush Bridal Shop

– Newcastle, Ontario.

Can’t say enough about Grapevine. I would highly recommend! Rich was so amazing to work with! He re-developed my website to exactly what I wanted and more! He also introduced me to a new online booking system for my clients and helped me set it up, which made it so much easier to navigate! Again thanks Rich for all your amazing hard work!

Double DJ

Toronto, Ontario.

Grapevine Media has fully transformed our business. What used to look very much like a homemade project now looks sharp, professional, and is attracting new clients. We’ve seen a steep increase in business, and their ability to integrate specific functions has been a huge help. Thank you so much!

Biz-Dev Resources

Business Development Knowledge Base

We don’t do just the work, we teach you how to do it too. We partner with you to help your business keep growing, even after our work together is complete.

Basics of Business Development

View a variety of introductory lessons on business development to better understand the services we offer.

Key Terms Glossary

Look up our definitions of key terminology used in the world of biz-dev.

What does a business development campaign include?

All biz-dev services are created specifically to meet the goals and requirements of our clients. Typically a business development campaign will include consultations, strategy development and fulfillment, campaign management and more. 

How much does a business development campaign cost?

In most cases, biz-dev services and campaign pricing are negotiated in full based on the value provided. Depending on the service and duration, it may be a percentage of sales, a flat fee or a combination pricing structure.

How long does it take to see results from a biz-dev campaign?

Depending on the services applied within the business development campaign, results could be immediately upon delivery (advertising, automation, etc.) and others could take over a year to develop (acquisitions, joint-ventures, etc.).

How effective is a business development campaign?

Since business development campaigns combine all of the best strategies and services into a highly organized campaign, they are typically the most effective services available.

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