Social media marketing for realtors can be tricky. You need to be creative with your marketing tactics to engage your audience and attract new business at the same time. In this article, we have compiled a list of 30 social media post ideas you can use.

1. Best Deals of The Week

People are always on the lookout for the best deals available. These can include new listings, changes to mortgage rates, market updates, sold-over asking (attracting sellers), sold-under asking (attracting buyers) etc.

2. Share News, Awards, and Milestones

You are excited and proud of new changes and new accomplishments, right? Your followers and audience will be too! Whether you appeared for an interview, wrote an article, or were featured in that week’s magazine, make sure to share it on your socials. This will help create a bond with the audience so they will feel more connected to your successes.

Make sure to highlight what the milestone was about. People love to see successful posts. They tend to trust those businesses that show successful results as compared to others.

3. Share Ways You Participate in Helping the Community

This is a wonderful way to warm hearts, improve your reputation, and earn respect. Humanitarian causes are great not only on a personal level but also for winning over people’s hearts. Any person who can do a good deed for another human being without having an ulterior motive is typically considered a trustworthy and reputed individual.

You can donate to a local charity, hold an event to help a local organization, partner with new startups, or help deserving and needy families. There are endless options you can go for where your services can benefit the greater good. Remember, you don’t always have to post about it if you don’t feel comfortable!

4. Share Important Life Lessons

You can connect with your clients by sharing more about your life and the lessons you learned along the way. You are human and humans are not perfect, but we can certainly try and help others to not make the same mistakes we have encountered. It can be anything like a previous mistake, an inspiring video, an empowering meeting you attended, or a life-changing story. Be creative but genuine. Do not be ashamed of your failures. Consider them as a powerful tool you can use to impart wisdom and prevent others from making the same mistakes. 

5. Share Quotes, Books, And Movies That Inspired You

Create beautiful and visually aesthetic posts with an inspiring quote from a movie, a famous personality, book, or any other form of content. If it inspires you, it will likely inspire others. People feel connected when you post something they relate to as well. Quotes are a great way of sharing good social media content, improving traffic and spreading positivity.

6. Promotional Videos

Videos are a great way of promoting your business on social media. Make videos of yourself and your team, current houses up for sale, achievements, client success stories, weekly video series, event videos, or sales and discount videos. Sometimes it is easier for someone to watch a 30-second video instead of reading a page-long post.

7. Post Regularly on Instagram Stories

Instagram is a great social media platform to build your brand. Instagram Stories allow you to share recent happenings and connect with your audience directly. For example, if you are giving a house tour to a client, you can post a small, fun video and share it as a story. This will show the audience that customers are using your services and will show all the exciting happenings of your day. This technique is used by celebrities and influencers and is known to increase followers and customers. You can use stories for giveaway contests as well.

8. Add Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are important as they advocate for you and your services. This proves to people that your customers are happy and satisfied with the results. Recommendations and referrals from the previous client also boost your reputation and allow others to trust you.

9. Organize Giveaways 

Giveaway contests are a wonderful way of engaging with the audience, increasing post engagement, and gaining attention to your services. You can choose popular giveaways like gift cards, one-day trips, video games, movie tickets, cosmetics, food, etc. You can also collaborate with local businesses, mortgage agents, lawyers, appraisers, and others. This way you will get double the amount of traffic from your profile as well as the business you paired up.

Once a giveaway contest is closed, make sure to remind your followers to keep an eye out for future contests. The anticipation may be enough for them to remain a follower or subscriber and keep up with your services. Stay true to your word and organize regular giveaways. 

10. Local Events

As a realtor, you can take advantage of local events and festivals. Show your clients the fun and exciting activities that are in the vicinity of the property you are selling. Concerts, book signings, funfairs, festivals, events and contests may attract people to that area. 

11. Share Holiday Greetings

Everyone likes to be a part of the holiday spirit on social media. Greet your customers with whatever event is happening, like Christmas, Halloween, or Eid. Themed posts will be a fun addition to your social media and will grab the attention of people celebrating that event. This sends out a message that you care about the community and clients and are happy to share the holiday spirit. 

12. Partnership Highlights

Always highlight your partnerships on social media. This can increase your followers and reputation of not only yourself, but your partner. Types of partnerships could include other team members, photographers, managers, mortgage specialists, lawyers, stagers, etc. Highlighting them on social media will help you gain their trust as well. Everyone likes to be mentioned and highlighted on social media! Show appreciation for the work they do, and next time they might put in twice the effort.

13. Team Highlights

Share your gratitude and appreciation for your team. Highlight team efforts as well as individual efforts. Post team pictures, share success stories and let your team grow and feel the satisfaction of working with you. The audience also sees that you care about your colleagues and appreciate their efforts. A small gesture can go a long way. 

14. Use GIFs and Popular Memes

Keeping up with trends is the key to social media marketing success. Let the audience feel like you are a part of them, sharing appropriate GIFs and funny memes. It shows them that you enjoy these trends just like any other person. 

GIFs and memes are informal and instantly capture the attention of the audience. Use these to your advantage to find or make content relevant to real estate. If your social media posts are good, people will undoubtedly come back for more.

15. Deals, Discounts, and Special Offers

You can easily attract customers with lucrative offers. Share upcoming deals and discounts. Build up the hype and excitement before posting any deal. Customers will be waiting in anticipation and will eagerly take part in special offers, especially if they are in the market for whatever the deal is. After the discount or deal ends, you can even share any statistics or results if available.

16. Post Charts to Show Your Results

Graphs and charts are a good way of showing off your success rate. Some people love numbers and statistics when it comes to businesses and successes. Show how many houses you sold in the past year, month, or week. You can even post community engagement and social media insights to show how many customers you have. You can show your client base growth over the years. Post current market trends and real estate prices.

Make use of any visual tool that can help share statistics pleasingly and satisfyingly. Graphical statistics show proof of success as opposed to when it is simply written in the form of words. 

17. Let Local Businesses and Startups Be the Center of Attention

Put the spotlight on some local businesses and startups. Partner with them and highlight their services. You can also use their products or services as giveaway items. You will be marketing not only your business but also seen as a person who supports local businesses, but make sure you do support them!

18. Infographics

Infographics are a fun way of portraying a lot of information in a compressed yet attractive manner. They can be shared on all types of social media platforms. Your customers can easily share these posts as well, thus allowing you to reach more people. Infographics can be about comparisons, timelines, information, facts, locations, statistics, and more. Be sure to provide references where appropriate.

19. Decorating Ideas and Tips

There are many tips and tricks you can share for house decoration, DIYs and renovation. It does not have to be limited to a specific house you are selling. You can share general ideas that anyone can use as people may share them having your page reach a larger audience. DIY projects are very popular today, especially affordable ones that make your house look great. Take help from YouTube and the internet to gather ideas. If you are a creative person, you can come up with unique ideas yourself and even execute them, but be sure to document the before and after!

20. Show the Town/City Decorations for Local Holidays

Sharing photos of local decorations on holidays and festivals will give people a feeling of home. It will help them connect with the neighborhood even if they have never visited it. Share the holiday spirit of the neighbors and other families in the area. Show your potential customers that the property is in a great neighborhood and that they will have a great time there. 

21. Post Relevant Stories

Stories are a great way of connecting with the audience. Share real estate stories or client stories to give the audience an insight into the real estate world. If you’re comfortable, you can incorporate posts about your personal life or funny stories as well. 

22. A Video Introduction of You and Your Team

Introduce yourself and your team through a video to be used as an advertisement. Videos help people see the world through another person’s eyes. Show behind-the-scenes footage and the hard work your team puts in.

23. Share Success Stories of Previous Clients

Buying a home is an important milestone, but there are many stressful steps and frustrating situations one must go through before buying a home. It is vital to share previous customers’ successes and happiness with your services. They can even share what problem they faced and how you helped them overcome it. 

24. Highlight Reductions in Price

Price reductions should be highlighted on your social media posts as they will quickly gain a lot of attention. Tell people how much they will be saving with the new discounted offer. Prospective buyers will be constantly looking for discounts that will help them save any amount of money. 

25. Post Fun Facts

Fun facts are a good way of attracting the audience. You can post facts about the industry, the property you are dealing with, location facts, local events and festivals, etc. Facts are easy to read and can be shared easily too. Add relevant photos to instantly captivate the audience. 

26. Popular Hashtags

Make use of popular hashtags that are often used by people to search for something. You can go for weekly hashtags such as #MondayMotivation, #TransformationTuesday, and #SundayFunday. You can also use hashtags of current events and news such as #EarthDay2021 or celebrate special days such as #HappyMothersDay. The possibilities are infinite. Check out what is trending that day and be creative!

27. Customer Polls

Customer polls will help you deduce their preferences and demands such as desired price range, house style, wooden floors, or marble floors. They also help you communicate with your followers. Other poll participants are likely to see the other responses as well, it’s fun for everyone and you gain a lot of insight from it.

28. Share Customers’ Photos and Videos

When you have a happy customer, they are likely to share photos or videos of their new property. Share their posts on your timeline and stories, with their permission of course. This acts as additional proof from the customer themselves that they are satisfied and happy with your services. 

29. Share Important Company News

Share recent interviews, meetings, achievements, and any other important news on your social media. You can also post stories of successful clients and deals.

30. Make A Gallery for Each Estate

Post high-quality pictures of each estate so that customers can get a good idea of what they are investing in. Even those who are not prospective buyers will be attracted to good pictures of a house.