Managed Engagement Group

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Boost your exposure & engagement by tapping into our powerful network of influencers, professionals & businesses.

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The Influence Academy has created strategic partnerships with many Instagram users in different niches. We use the power of this network to help increase the engagement of our clients by establishing groups of related users who will engage with each other.

For example, if you are a photographer in one of our managed engagement groups, when you make a post to Instagram, you will receive likes from other photographers, models, and individuals who have expressed an interest in photography. And to further boost your engagement, we will like photos of relevant accounts in the same niche as you to create a real buzz around your brand.

Not only does this boosted engagement look great for your brand, but it allows you to get more exposure because of how Instagram’s algorithms work. When they see your post is becoming popular they will expose it to a larger segment of your audience than they would have without the boost.

Note the difference between “having more likes to look good” and “getting exposure to more of your audience.” The Managed engagement group is not about looking like the best, it’s about maximizing the exposure and engagement you are getting from your audience. The major difference between the Influence Academy’s Managed Engagement Groups vs. other engagement groups is we manage the liking of photos rather than relying on the group members to like your photos as soon as you post. This saves you a lot of time and energy wasted on engagement groups where members don’t actively participate and ensures a fair and equal engagement.


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