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$300.00 / month

The most advanced social growth program available online.

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Our expert team of developers have pioneered an advanced set of growth mechanics exclusive to The Influence Academy. Backed by thousands of hours of research and testing, we partner with you too.

  1. We determine the best target audience, hashtags & niche to best suit you.
  2. We follow & engage with those specific target users to increase your account growth.
  3. We help you deploy & schedule exceptional content specified for your target audience.
  4. We promote your business, brand or product through comments & direct messages.
  5. We deploy paid advertisements on your behalf.

Our Instagram growth packages are sold in 3-month terms. When you initially sign up you will receive a client package which will provide valuable insights into your ideal target audience on Instagram, including some key competitors, possible network connections, effective hashtags sorted into groups. The client will be responsible for posting a minimum of once per day throughout the duration of the growth service, but content packages are available for clients who need content created for them.

During the first month of the service, we focus on interacting with your target market through following and liking photos of the most relevant users. The client will be responsible for further engaging with these new followers in order to maximize follower retention.

During month number two, we will accelerate the rate at which we are engaging with targeted users and begin to determine an estimated rate of growth. To increase the rate of engagement and further build relationships with new followers, we will start sending direct messages out each day. The direct messages will be drafted in collaboration and can direct new followers to any desired call to action.

During month number three, we should reach peak rate of growth and will run a paid advertisement. We budget $100 for this advertisement, but the client may budget additional money for this ad campaign without any additional fees. A recommended budget for a one-month ad is $300-500.


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