DJ Company Gets Digital Overhaul

Meet Shawn.

Shawn is the owner of Step by Step Pro DJ in Whitby, Ontario. He had already been djing for over fifteen years before he decided to start a DJ company of his own. Using a friend to help him get started with a website, logo and some business cards, Shawn was able to kickstart his business very quickly. But that was back in 2012, fast forward only five years later and the digital revolution has changed everything completely.

From the rise of social media to the majority of web traffic going mobile, huge changes in the industry had caused Shawn’s digital strategy to fall behind. When he reached out to us here at Grapevine for some help, we decided to work with Shawn to create a new digital strategy from the ground up. Here were some of Shawn’s core issues;

  1. The website is not loading for mobile users (again, about 80% of site traffic is from mobile users).
  2. Lack of high-quality content for sales and social media
  3. Package outlines were outdated

Considering these were his biggest pain points, we got to work creating a digital strategy customized to suit his needs, and here is a breakdown of some of the work we did to help Shawn get up to date in this fast-moving industry.

Digital Strategy Consulting

After spending a couple of days brainstorming some ideas together, we collaborated with Shawn on a 13-page report full of strategies for marketing/branding, accounting/finances, technology, website and several others ideas that would be simple for Shawn to implement into his business.

We went through all of the ideas in the report and prioritized all of them based on how quickly they can be implemented, and how urgently they needed to be done. Now that we had a good list of possible solutions and strategies and a clear idea of how to carry them out, it was time to get started.

Website & Hosting

Since Shawn’s website was not even loading on most mobile phones, there was a good chance he was missing out on a lot of leads coming through his website. We developed Shawn a mobile-first responsive website that would be catered to his core client niche weddings. The trouble was that many wedding brand websites didn’t have the same flare that Shawn brought to his company, so we decided to spice up the traditional wedding themes by focusing on the music and dancing that were a huge part of his client’s experience.

When it came to closing deals, Shawn had a simple but effective sales funnel; a quick phone call to introduce himself and his services, followed by an in-person meeting where Shawn could close the deal. We wanted to leverage the simplicity of his funnel by driving all website visitors to a contact form that will automatically qualify the lead so that Shawn can get them on the phone as quick as possible.

Next, we wanted to fill his site with content from the other niches he serves such as corporate parties and school dances. Since Shawn did not have many HQ pictures for us to work with, we were able to find some great stock photos that we could use in combination with some of his smaller images.

And finally, we hooked Shawn up with an advanced security hosting package, keeping regular backups of his website, preventing brute force hackers from cracking his passwords, and encrypting data using SSL.

You can check out his website here.

Promotional Video

Shawn was lacking any HD content that he could use to promote his services to potential leads or to post on social media. We decided to create a promo video that would capture the action and excitement that happens at a Step by Step DJ event, so we handpicked a couple of special events to shoot, and prepared some incredible videos that he can use as proof he packs the dancefloor every time.

Check out the most recent video we shot for Shawn at the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus Frosh Party in 2018:

Flyer Design

Shawn already had a great logo, but the flyers he was handing out at wedding shows and events had been built quickly using a Word Processor. Although the flyers served the purpose, they were lacking the design and care put into the other aspects of his business. It was time to bring this up to speed and refresh his paper marketing materials.



Instagram Marketing

Shawn was looking to establish his presence on Instagram and build a following on one of his independent project’s Instagram accounts. We helped Shawn’s independent project account gain a following of over 11,000 followers over the course of eight months.

We accomplished this through our Instagram Growth service, where we start off with an account audit and then begin engaging with accounts that show a high interest in Shawn’s niche. As new followers join Shawn’s growing community, we focus on building relationships with them and narrowing down potential customers, partners, and fans.